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Allheal Home Health is here to assist you with both long-term or respite solutions, providing thoroughly screened and trained staff for live-in or live-out care.

Companion Care

Based on your wishes and the briefing you give us, we would select for your loved one a companion who is trained to assist with all of the following functions:

  • Light housekeeping (dusting, vacuuming, mopping kitchen and bathroom floors and tidying up per our client’s or your wishes)

  • Taking care of client’s laundry and folding clothes and linen

  • Organizing drawers, cupboards and other area around the house

  • Meal planning and preparing

  • Grocery shopping including getting medications filled

  • Running outdoor errands

*Mileage rates do apply for tasks that include use of caregivers personal vehicle.

Integrity, Experience, Resourcefulness

  • Transportations and escorting client outdoors
  • Undertaking joint activities with the client
  • Talking to the client and other cognitive stimulating activities
  • Answering the phone and helping with the mail
  • Keeping client in touch with family and friends
  • Encouraging people to visit the client

Shopping and Errands


Want to go for a stroll at the Mall, or to church? AllHeal  caregivers can make this happen –easily- using their own cars if need be. Just let us know at the office, for we have a simple process for that. Once you’re set up, you and your caregiver can do the rest

Personal Care 

With Personal Care services, AllHeal clients get the benefit of all of the above companionship services, plus “hands-on” services that include assistance with activities of daily living, as follows:

  • Companion/Homemaker services

  • Bathing/showering

  • Incontinence care and bathroom chores

  • Bedpan, urinal and commode

  • Grooming

  • Oral hygiene

  • Getting dressed

  • Assistance with ambulating

  • Assistance with transfers from seat or bed to chair

*Mileage rates do apply for tasks that include use of caregivers personal vehicle.

  • Assistance with sore-avoidance repositioning in bed

  • Assist with exercises as prescribed by Physical Therapist

  • Assist with other exercises as prescribed by Occupational Therapist

  • Acting as active liaison with other members of the medical team

  • Assist client with self-administration of medications


Integrity, Experience, Resourcefulness

Live-out Services (by the hour)

Companion and Personal Care services are available for as little as 2 hours a day and up to 24 hours a day. In addition, there are no limitations as to the number of days per week that we can be hired for.

Here is how some families typically hire AllHeal:

  • 2 to 6 hours a day: we are hired for these schedules (from 2 to 6 hours a day, several days a week), when our client is self-sufficient and just needs an extra pair of hands for general help, or to help the client get up in the morning and get ready for the day.

  • 8 to 10-hours a day: schedules a day usually imply that the care recipient lives with a family member, for example a daughter, who goes to work each day. In those schedules we expect to be asked to tend to grooming and bathing issues, meal preparation and assistance with other activities of daily living.

  • 12-hour day or night shifts: these night shifts could be for someone who doesn’t like to be by themselves at night, and the 12-hour day shifts could again be for someone who lives with a family member who goes out to work during the daytime.
  • Shifts around the clock: 24-hour care would be for care recipients who cannot be left unattended, either for medical or for other reasons. These can consist of 2 x 12-hour shifts or 3 x 8-hour shifts each day. Because such arrangements can get costly, we might talk to the family about live-in arrangements instead.


• Putting on Nice Clothes

Integrity, Experience, Resourcefulness


Confidence and wellbeing are boosted when a client knows that their outward appearance is “looking good!”. AllHeal caregivers go out of their way to ensure that their clients look and feel at their best.

Live-in Services (by the day)

Many care recipients benefit from the presence of their preferred Aide with them day and night. This avoids the commotion of Aides checking in and out, and it enhances the tranquility and convalescence at home.


Live-in arrangements also provide peace of mind for the rest of the family who can relax to the knowledge that their loved one is with their companion at all times. In addition, live-in schedules offer a cost saving since they are charged by the day and not by the hour.


Please check with our office for rates and availability of live-in staff.

When you get a CNA as a live-in, you would expect her to undertake all tasks listed in the personal care section above. In other words, whether live-out or live-in, the duties of a CNA would be the same.

You may hire AllHeal for live-in schedules (by the day), as follows

  • 2 consecutive live-in days (our minimum)

  • 7-day live-in services (ongoing and non-stop services)*

  • 5 live-in days (any 5 days of the week)

* 7-day live-in schedules involve one primary cargiver and a fill-in live-in caregiver for the weekends.

Integrity, Experience, Resourcefulness

Nicely Prepared Meals


Many of our companions and CNAs are excellent cooks, and they would love to prepare one of their special dishes for you.  They would combine health ingredients with what they know that you like. Just ask! 

Memory Care (Dementia)

Above all, you want to know that your loved one is cared for in a respectful and empathetic way. Towards that mutual objective, we provide an individually customized quality service that respects each patient’s dignity and preserves their distinctiveness in a compassion-rich environment. Our caregivers are coached against stereotyping anyone or indulging in condescending behaviors.

In addition, we maintain a breather rotation system that ensures that our on-the-job staff remain alert and considerate. We also mentor our memory care CNAs and ensure that they have all the tools to keep their clients active physically and mentally stimulated. 

Integrity, Experience, Resourcefulness

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