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The 5 Major Roles of the Allheal Home Health Agency

Senior Private Duty Care

Private Duty Division

By Mike Takieddine

1.We’re All the Time Recruiting & Screening Allheal’s main role is to build up a substantial roster of thoroughly screened and qualified caregivers to match your specific requirements. Having a substantial roster of vetted and ready caregivers is the number one hallmark of a great agency.

2.Matching Clients with Caregivers Based on your preferences when it comes to a caregiver, and based on our daily interaction with our caregivers, we are able to send you the aide that best suits your requirements. The caregiver we assign to you would live close by and would have the temperament and skills that make a good fit with your needs.

3.The Supervisory Role of our Care Coordinators Allheal’s Care Coordinators are the best. They play a daily supervisory role over the caregivers at your home, and they act as our “first responders”, available to our care recipient, their family, and the caregivers on a 24/7 basis.

4.Our Agency Fills-in for Caregiver Time off

We automatically fill-in with another caregiver when your primary caregiver is sick or needs to be relieved, for example on weekends and holidays.

5.We Handle all Payments to Caregivers The Agency handles all caregiver-related wages, taxes and benefits; we then send you (or the authorized family member) a statement on a periodic basis.

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Call our business manager at: (936) 756-1111

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