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The Allheal Home health Organization

When we started the AllHeal group, we chose the path of offering each client services of the rehabilitation type (skilled nursing), as well as of the companionship and personal care services. That required getting Medicare-certified, which we did.


Those were bold moves for a starting home health organization. However, by combining “skilled” with “non-medical”, we were able to offer each family the convenience and reassurance of dealing with one agency instead of two.


“Bringing Excellence Home” became our daily objective since then. The words have gone all the way from slogan to mantra. Everything we do is in relation to that mantra that speaks of excellence.

  • We owe excellence to our clients/care recipients: short of always being able to bring them back to optimal health, we strive to bring about added comforts and a strong feeling of safety and optimism into their lives.


  • We owe excellence to their families: at a time when they have to make anguished decisions on behalf of loved ones, all we yearn to achieve at our end is to provide a hassle-free experience that they can depend on.


  • We owe excellence to our staff and caregivers: we relish the responsibility of providing employees and caregivers with a healthy work environment in which dignity and recognition for their hard work reign. Our staff are the greatest, and we thank them for having chosen to dedicate themselves to our organization and clients.

Call Us For More Information:

Skilled Nursing Services  (936) 756-2277

     Private Duty Services  (936) 756-1111

                          Toll- Free (866) 999-1899
                                     Fax (936) 756-2288

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