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Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Does Medicare reimburse for your services?

Answer. Our non-medical home care services (companionship or personal care) are “Private Pay” services, not reimbursable by Medicare. You may get reimbursement for Medicare-certified skilled nursing services. Check with our staff to see if you or your loved one qualify.


Question. Do you accept Long Term Care insurance?

Answer: Yes, we do. Please give the information to our staff. They will check your (or your loved one’s) coverage details and will get back to you so you can decide how best to take advantage of what you’re entitled to.


Question. Would I need a companion or a CNA?

Answer: While both types of Aides would assist with all of the companionship tasks, a CNA, in addition, is licensed to provide “hands-on” personal care assistance with hygiene, grooming, feeding, medication reminders and other ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).


Question. How would the agency choose a caregiver for my mother?

Answer: We would choose a caregiver based on your mother’s overall condition, where she lives, and what personal attributes she might like in an Aide. We would get her an Aide who lives close by, and whose skillset and temperament are appropriate for her care.


Question. How soon can I interview a caregiver?

Answer: We can usually have someone for you to interview within 24 hours after you provide us with basic information. In a process that takes only a few minutes, we would ask you a few questions about that and then get back to you to describe the caregiver we think best meets your needs.


Question. What happens if your caregiver doesn’t work out?

Answer: On the rare occasion when the caregiver we select for you doesn’t work out, we start all over again and replace that caregiver as promptly as possible with someone who may make a better match. That process does not cost you any additional fees.


Question. How do you screen your caregivers?

Answer. Our caregivers submit to a multi-layered screening process that includes: validation of their working eligibility, photo ID, work permit in the U.S., CNA and CPR certificates and TB vaccination; Their work references are then checked, and a criminal background check conducted in all the states in which they lived and worked.


Question. Is someone available at the agency at all times?

Answer: Yes, at least an RN and a Care Coordinator are available 24/7 for clients, their caregivers, and family members. New clients are also welcome to call us at any time. Our Coordinators and nursing staff function as the agency’s first responders for client-related needs.


Question. What happens if I don’t need services any longer?

Answer: You may stop services at any time without having to give notice. We do not have any financial or other restrictions in that regard.


Question. How do live-in services work?

Answer: One recurring 5-day/week live-in caregiver would move in with the client. For the other 2 days, usually weekends, we fill-in with another live-in caregiver. This is repeated in the long run using the same 5-day live-in main caregiver, and 2 or 3 recurring weekenders.


Question. What is the daily role of the agency?

Answer: The agency recruits and thoroughly screens caregivers on a continuous basis, so that when you have a need, we can produce the right caregiver for you, and we can fill-in for her when she needs time off. The agency also matches the right caregivers with clients and plays a key and daily supervisory role. The agency handles all caregiver issues: vetting, orientating, motivating and ensuring that they function within agency policies.


Question. What role does the agency play with its caregivers?

Answer: The agency does all the marketing for caregivers, getting them work in a safe and supportive environment. When they need time off, the agency preserves their jobs. When the client transitions to a facility, the agency gets them another client within days. The agency pays caregivers promptly every week. In addition, the agency provides on-the-job technical and moral support, so they never feel they’re on their own.


Question. Who handles payments to your caregivers?

Answer:Caregivers are paid by the agency on a weekly basis. As for your payments to the agency, we bill you on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, and you can pay us by any means preferred by you, including checks, credit cards, or direct debit from your bank.

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